VeEX Cable Products

AT2500 3Ghz DOCSIS 3.1 OFDM

VeEX’s new AT2500-3G is the industry’s most complete 3 GHz advanced spectrum analyzer and multi-standards test solution. Incorporating a high-resolution color touch-screen, the AT2500-3G features 3 GHz spectrum analysis, digital channel, VeCheck, MPEG analysis and Ethernet test capabilities. Comprehensive SLM measurements include Single Channel, Fast Full Band and real-time plant level scan, Tilt, Headend Check, and FCC Digital POP tests.

CX100+ Cable Testing Simplified

A next generation CATV installer meter to characterize and measure Analog and Digital video signals. For Analog carriers, Peak Video level, single or dual channel Audio levels and Carrier to Noise (C/N) measurements are possible on NTSC, PAL, or SECAM video formats. Digital QAM16/64/256 carriers with or without deep Interleaving are measured accurately with MER, BER and Constellation diagram results being reported. Tilt, Quick Test, and Forward/Reverse ingress scan are standard features. The built-in Ethernet port supports Triple Play test features, such as VoIP call emulation with MOS scoring.  

CX150-D3+ DOCSIS 3.0

  • With an embedded DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem, the CX150-D3+ supports full upstream and downstream 8×4 channel bonding, IPv6 addressing and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption used in next generation DOCSIS 3.0 networks. Cable modem emulation offered by both units provides valuable statistics pertaining to the upstream and downstream paths and related servers for video, Internet and VoIP traffic. 

AT2500 3Ghz DOCSIS 3.1 OFDM

    For the next few years, Service Providers will be upgrading their HFC networks to offer ultra high-speed Broadband services utilizing DOCSIS 3.1. To help overcome the technical hurdles while not straining capital budgets, VeEX introduces its new CX310, a compact, low-cost meter suitable for every installation technician.

CX350s-DS3.1 Advancel All-in-One Installer Meter

  • Compact Channel Checker Verifying CWDM or DWDM Channels and Power. Simultaneously test all 18 CWDM channels or 97 DWDM channels C14-62 in a single test. This compact, robust tester measures individual channel peak wavelength/frequency and total, composite power. An optional fiberscope is also available to inspect connectors.

CX380s-DS3.1 Super Tech Maintenance Meter for Cable TV

  • The VePAL CX380s-D3.1 is a next generation test solution designed for analog and digital cable TV networks with key maintenance tools including enhanced Spectrum Analysis with 1.8 GHz range, DOCSIS 3.1 OFDM Analysis, Digital Channel, Sweep, MPEG Analysis, and 10 Gigabit Ethernet test capabilities.

AT1700/AT1600 RF Switch Multiplexers

  • The AT1700M/AT1600E series multiplexer is a high performance cost-effective broadband RF switching solution. Combined with the AT2500 series spectrum analyzers, the AT1700M/AT1600E multiplexer is the ideal solution for headend testing and return path monitoring.

    • Full 1 GHz performance RF matrix. 16 × 1 (AT1701M/AT1601E) or 16 × 2 (AT1702M/AT1602E)
    • Fastest externally controlled switch rate of only 100 microseconds