Microwave Radios - Comba IP50s

FiberAir IP50E

The IP-50E universal E-band radio introduces ultra-high capacity of up to 20Gbps to your network, supporting a pay-as-you-grow strategy with up to two units in XPIC configuration. Wherever you need fiber-like capacity for fronthaul, backhaul or wireless access applications, the IP-50E is your cost-efficient, easy-to-deploy fiber-replacement solution.

The IP-50E also allows extended E-band reach with no compromise on availability, thanks to its unique multiband capability. Using layer-1 carrier bonding, the IP-50E enables you to combine this high-capacity carrier with any additional microwave, fiber or leased line connection, thereby insuring your high-priority service offering meets its SLA target.

The IP-50FX wireless backhaul router combines a cell site router with radio-aware features that support the IP-50C and IP-50E radios, as well as any Ethernet-connected radio or fiber. Its high switching capacity and wide port density make it an excellent fit for any cell site or aggregation site that requires ultra-high capacity, multi-directional functionality, and switching/routing capabilities.

The IP 50FX utilizes radio-aware networking capabilities, such as layer-1 carrier bonding over Ethernet, SyncE, 1588-TC/BC and ETH-BN. 

FiberAir IP50FX

FiberAir IP50S

The IP-50S can be deployed as a standalone all-outdoor radio or used as an upgrade path to achieve the highest possible capacity of any existing Ceragon or third-party link by utilizing Ceragon’s unique layer-1 carrier bonding. Ceragon’s unique multiband engine allows the combination of any two microwave channels over the air, and significantly enhances the link’s performance by optimizing traffic distribution between the two carriers. 

Supported channel bandwidth up to 224MHz and modulation up to 4096QAM at traditional higher bands allow IP-50S to operate with transmission rates up to 2.0Gbps for 1+0 configuration.