DC Line Power Over Copper Pairs

LINE POWER CO Converter Shelf

  • The Line Power Systems is designed to remotely power -48Vdc network equipment reliably using +/- 190Vdc over existing copper lines deployed between central offices and remote outside plant (OSP) cabinets. New voice, video and data subscriber services can be delivered over fiber optic lines, while the legacy copper lines already deployed in the ground are used to leverage the central office battery backup and generator power sources in the event of an electrical utility grid outage. 16 Converter Shelf cards with 2 circuits each totaling 32 circuits.
  • Upstream power converters take -48Vdc input and convert to +/- 190Vdc output power for distribution over twisted pair copper lines with appropriate input current limits and hold-over. Downstream converter shelves are available for 650 Watt and 1300 Watt applications. Downstream power converters take +/- 190Vdc input over twisted pair copper and convert to -48Vdc to power remote network equipment. 

Line Power OSP Small Cabinet