Repeaters - LTE/5G & CPEs 5G/LTE

High Power RX Digital Band Selective Repeater

Frequency Bands: 1710 to 2170Mhz

High Power Digital Channel Selective Repeater

Frequency Bands: 880-960Mhz

Middle Power mBDA Digital Band Selective Repeater

Frequency Bands: 832-2690Mhz

Comba LTE/5G CPE Terminals

CPE - Outdoor Technology LTE

TDD: Band42 (UL/DL: 3400MHz – 3600MHz) TDD: Band43 (UL/DL: 3600MHz – 3800MHz) TDD: Band48 (UL/DL: 3550MHz – 3700MHz) FDD: B2 (UL:1850MHz – 1910MHz; DL:1930MHz – 1990MHz) FDD: B66 (UL:1710MHz – 1780MHz; DL:2110MHz – 2200MHz)

CPE - Outdoor Technology 3GPP

Bands: LTE-FDD Band 2: (1850– 1910/1930 – 1990MHz) LTE-FDD Band 3: (1710MHz – 1785/1805 – 1880MHz)LTE-FDD Band7: (2500MHz – 2570/2620 – 2690MHz)LTE-FDD Band28B: (718MHz – 748/773 – 803MHz)LTE-TDD Band42: (3400 – 3600MHz) - 40Mhz Aggregation

CPE Indoor Technology 5G & LTE

CPE is a high-performance indoor customer-premises equipment (CPE) supporting 5G NR Sub-6G and 4G LTE radio interface. It works on 5G NR frequency bands from 700MHz to 5000 MHz and LTE frequency bands from 700 MHz to 3600 MHz.