Test Equipment - VeEX Fiber Optics

DI-1000 Fiber Inspection Microscope​

The VeEX DI-1000 digital fiber inspection scope provides clear images of the connector’s end face. Focusing on the contact areas, the DI-1000 grades the connector’s health and cleanliness after it is polished or cleaned. The results determine whether the connector can be used or if it needs to be polished or cleaned again.

DI-1000MPO Fiber Inspection Microscope for Single & Multi-Fiber Connectors

The DI-1000MPO is optimized for testing MTP/MPO connectors retaining backwards compatibility with existing single fiber tips. The scanning and focus knobs are conveniently located on the microscope body providing simple and efficient handheld operation. The host device software performs visual inspection, image capture, and Pass/Fail results.

FX10+ - Pen Visual Fault Locator

  • Wavelength: 650 nm ± 10 nm
  • Emitter type: FP-LD
  • Output power: 1 mW or 10 mW models available
  • Optical Connector: 2.5 mm universal; optional FC to universal 1.25 mm converter

FX15 - Live Fiber Identifier

  • Wavelength Range: 800 – 1700 nm
  • Detector Types: Dual 1 mm InGaAs
  • Signal Detection Types2: CW, 270 Hz, 1 kHz and 2 kHz
  • Insertion Loss (typ): 0.8 dB/2.5 dB @ 1310/1550 nm
  • Direction Indicator2:
    • -1310 nm (10 to -46 dBm)
    • -1550 nm (10 to -50 dBm)

FX150+ mini OTDR

  • With 256,000 Data Points and 3 cm resolution, the new and improved FX150+ mini OTDR is designed for the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of FTTx, Mobile FrontHaul/BackHaul and Metro fiber networks. The compact, lightweight platform incorporates power meter, light source, fiber inspection probe and VFL test options which add exceptional versatility to the unit.

FX180+ Optical Channel Checker

  • Compact Channel Checker Verifying CWDM or DWDM Channels and Power. Simultaneously test all 18 CWDM channels or 97 DWDM channels C14-62 in a single test. This compact, robust tester measures individual channel peak wavelength/frequency and total, composite power. An optional fiberscope is also available to inspect connectors.

MTT Plus - 420 GPON

  • The new MTTplus-420 GPON test module for the VeEX® MTTplus platform is designed for service activation at the ONT location. The unit checks optical power levels and non-intrusively decodes the messages exchanged between the OLT and ONT allowing technicians to perform advanced troubleshooting.


  • The TX300 OTDR is an all-in-one optical and service test platform. The Fiber Optics test option for the VeEX® VePAL TX300s adds a full range of Optical test features that support OTDR, OPM, Light Source and VFL. Together with Advanced OTN, SDH/SONET, PDH/DSn, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and Synchronous Packet Networks support, the TX300s offers a complete network test solution from physical layer up to higher layers of multi-service performance testing.

VeEX UX400

  • The VeEX UX400 is the smallest multi-service transport test solution to offer test capabilities ranging from DS1/E1 all the way up to 6x 100G traffic generation, supporting the latest 100G/40G optical pluggable form factors (CFP4, CFP2, CFP, QSFP28, QSFP+, no adapters required). Its modular architecture allows for up to six independent test modules and up to twelve concurrent tests or combinations of tests, including legacy PDH/DSn, SDH/SONET, OTN, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, CPRI/OBSAI, C/DWDM spectrum analysis and more.