Distributed Antenna Systems

Distributed Antennas System (DAS) is still the most effective and reliable system that provides in-building wireless coverage and capacity. Indoor wireless connectivity is critical as people spend most of their time either at home, inside office or enterprise locations. 

DAS Implementation Services

Completed Indoor DAS Systems

Santo Domingo International Airport

Comba Telecom Comflex Master units combined with multiple remotes  delivering 3g/4g services to a multi-level area of about 22,200 M2s.

Punta Cana Blue Mall

Comba Telecom Comflex Master and remote units   delivering 3g/4g services to a uni-level area of about 30,200 M2s.

Outdoor DAS - Santo Domingo


Outdoor DAS projects respond to requirements to improve cellular signal quality in outdoor venues, such as congested residential areas where customers occupying lower floors in high-rise buildings suffer from poor signal while residents in higher floors enjoy a strong cellular signal derived from the macro cellular network.